Annual Service Chart

Design Analysis/Year End Review

Design Analysis/Year End Review

Before year end proactive retirement plan review to determine if last year’s design is still the best solution and identify possible improvements.

Annual Census Snap Shot

Annual Census Snapshot

Collect census data which serves as the FOUNDATION for everything MMG does; accuracy protects our clients!

Analyze the data to determine impact on plan design.

Provide Annual Design Consulting

Provide Annual Design Consulting

Evaluate best plan design, balancing client goals and legal compliance.

Confirm the final allocation in writing; client reviews and signs-off.

Coordinate with clients’ financial professionals, as needed.

Complete Annual Required Elements

Complete Annual Compliance Requirements

Prepare the plan’s Annual Report including materials for participants.

Monitor all required deadlines and extensions.

Distribution team services all requested distributions from each plan.

Our work starts before the plan year does.

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