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Must all employees receive the same percentage contributions to a qualified retirement plan?
No. With a MandMarblestone Group (MMG) OCPP® plan document, you can reward key employees by giving them larger contributions than other employees. This means that you may not need to spend nearly as much on employee contributions. MMG frequently saves clients at least 10% of their total previous employer plan contributions just by implementing an MMG OCPP® retirement plan.

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Must business owners and family members receive the same benefit levels as other staff members with a qualified retirement plan?
No. The law allows owners and their family members to receive a higher level of benefits within a retirement plan, as long as all discrimination testing requirements are met.
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Am I locked into a specific contribution formula under a MandMarblestone retirement plan document?
No. MMG's unique OCPP® plan document allows the contribution formula to be adjusted from year to year in order to best respond to changes to the company's financial circumstances, employee demographics and business conditions.
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Is it true that a qualified retirement plan is protected from outside creditors?
Yes. For example, other than IRS levies or domestic court orders, if your business goes into bankruptcy, the retirement plan assets are protected from creditors, both business and personal. The more you can allot to a retirement plan, the more you can save, the more tax benefits you receive and the more your future is secured. A MMG OCPP® retirement plan is a win, win situation.
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Is there really a difference among retirement plan documents?
YES! Plans that are offered as part of a 401(k) investment program typically use "off-the-shelf" documents that conform to rigid IRS protocols. Why would your company want a plan that the IRS designed for you? An MMG OCPP® retirement plan is designed to take every advantage permitted under the law, with each year's contribution customized to meet your business, personal, financial and tax objectives. 
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How can these plans be legal?
By knowing the law and taking advantage of clearly defined testing techniques, MMG is able to design plans that not only are legal, but also are superior to any other plan design presently available. MMG's OCPP® retirement plan document is submitted to the IRS for review and approval so that each client's plan document is in full compliance with the law. 
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Do I have a higher chance of being audited by the IRS if I use an MMG retirement plan?
No. Less than 6% of our client base is chosen at random for IRS audits each year, which is no greater than the national average. If you are selected for an audit, we provide legal representation and assemble all documentation. We interface with the agent and answer all questions about your plan and how it operates. We have over 30 years of experience handling audits for our clients with exceptional results.
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Who will benefit the most from a MMG plan retirement design?

  • Business owners with a minimum of $175,000 in earned income per year
  • Business owners who desire to shelter a larger portion of their incomes
  • Business owners who want to save significantly more than the $18,000 presently available in a 401(k) program
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How can I determine if my retirement plan is designed to achieve maximum results?

This is a common question from plan sponsors and business owners.  Every business is unique and as a result every plan sponsors objectives are unique.  Some objectives are easy to determine and others take some research and thought to resolve.  Many sponsors have found our Retirement Plan Confidence Index to be a helpful tool to focus their review.  Of course, we are always glad to help you through this decision process.

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How much can I expect to save with MMG?
Savings vary from client to client, but typically, business owners have between $50,000 and $200,000 per year contributed on their behalf
to a tax deferred retirement plan.
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Who are MMG's typical clients?
We are able to work with any business wishing to maximize retirement savings. Many of our clients are professional organizations, including medical and dental practices, law firms, accounting and other financial service firms, consulting practices, engineering and architectural firms. Our clients also include real estate companies, technology firms and businesses in the construction, trade and service industries. Our clients range in size from one-person businesses to companies with 1,000 employees.
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What are the fees for your services?
All services are provided on a fee basis. Fees for establishing and administering plans are determined on a case-by-case basis, taking into account plan design, investment structure and the number of participants. The fees for other services depend upon the scope of the work and the time spent to achieve the desired result. We will provide a fee schedule for you before work begins, so you know up front what costs will be incurred.
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How do I contact you?
Call us directly and ask to speak to any of the principals listed below, or send us an e-mail. We then will schedule an appointment with you. There is no obligation for this consultation.
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Please contact any of the principals here (E-MAIL NEWBUSINESS@MAND.COM) or at 215-222-5000.
We look forward to hearing from you.
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